Hands-Free Indicator Cards: Why They Make for the Best Humidity Control Experience

When it comes to humidity control packs, there’s one question consumers often have: How do I know when to replace it? At Integra, we’re all about making humidity control solutions that are both effective and incredibly simple to use—and our hands-free humidity indicator cards are a key part of that seamless experience. Today, we’re talking why hands-free indicator cards matter and how they make for the best humidity control experience. 

What are hands-free indiciator cards?
Humidity indicator cards are simply cards that have a dot on them that will turn a color to indicate when it’s time to replace your humidity-control pack. When the dot on the back turns bright blue, that’s your indication that the current pack has used up all of its contents and that it’s time for a fresh BOOST pack. 

Do I have to purchase them separately? 
Nope! At Integra, we’re all about making humidity-control as simple and approachable as possible—which is why every Integra BOOST product option comes standard with an included hands-free indicator card. If you’d like to determine the relative humidity in an enclosed container (rather than just knowing when it’s time to replace your BOOST pack), however, you can buy additional humidity indicator cards here. Simply place a single card in the area to be read and wait for the indicator dots to turn bright blue in order to determine the humidity levels in that area.

Why do indicator cards matter? 
Without including an indicator card in the container along with your humidity control pack and the items you’re protecting, there’s no way to tell when it’s time to replace your pack or how well your pack is working. At Integra, we’re all about letting science drive our product development—while our competitors instruct consumers it’s time to replace when “there is very little softness left in the pack,” that solution is far from scientific—plus, it requires constantly opening your container to check how the pack feels. That’s not exactly an ideal or accurate way to check the vitality of your pack. 

Is there any other way to tell when a humidity control pack is empty?
There are certain factors you can consider (how long the pack has been in use is an obvious one)—but there are so many variables that play into how much of its contents a pack is using up and how fast (including the size of the area it’s placed in, what the original humidity levels were when it was placed in the container, how many times the container has been opened and closed and, therefore, has caused the pack to have to expend its contents to readjust to the changing levels, etc). Without a hands-free indicator card, there’s simply no surefire way to know when the contents of a humidity control pack have been used up and when it’s time to replace your pack with a fresh one.