2-way humidity control for cannabis

Our premium, patented products expertly control humidity levels—preserving the life of your cannabis. From drying and curing to storing and preserving, maintaining optimal humidity is key. Too much humidity can mean mold, and too little can mean too dry.

The BFF for your cannabis.

Integra’s 2-way humidity control products were designed with you in mind. Simply place your Integra product in an enclosed area with the cannabis you’re storing. Because our products are salt-free and spill-proof, you can place our Integra BOOST packs directly in a container or glass jar alongside your herbs to absorb and/or provide excess moisture as needed. Integra BOOST will begin to regulate the humidity inside of the container to protect your best buds from mold and rot (due to excess moisture) or from over-drying (due to lack of moisture). Replace with a fresh packet when the dot on the included Replacement Indicator Card turns bright blue.

Why choose Integra for cannabis?

Non-toxic, salt-free and tear-resistant, our humidity control products and packs won’t alter the smell, taste or aroma of your favorite buds. The cleanest option for tobacco humidity control, our products are spill-resistant and completely safe to directly touch your cannabis and herbs.

Safe | Salt-free | Non-Toxic

Plant-Based | Spill & tear-resistant | 99% Biodegradable