3 Ways to Use our 2-Way Humidity Control Packs for Cigar Storage

If you’re someone who enjoys a good cigar, you know just how important proper storage is when it comes to ensuring a solid shelf life and preserving their original taste and aroma. Whether you live in dry desert air that sucks the life out of your favorite tobacco products or on a humid coast that threatens mold, taking control of your environment (before it takes control of those rare cigars) is key. Today, then, we’re offering up three ways you can use our 2-way humidity control packs to expertly regulate humidity and keep your cigars happy.

1. Throw one in with your new cigars.

Throwing an Integra BOOST™ 2-way humidity control pack in your cigar box with brand-new cigars will help ensure they remain in a properly regulated environment from the get-go—so the quality of your cigars is never compromised. As soon as you bring those new cigars home, remove a fresh Integra BOOST™ pack from its clear overwrap packaging, place it in an enclosed container with your cigars, and the pack will immediately begin to adapt to the environment around it (either releasing or absorbing moisture as needed until the air around it reaches either 55% or 62% RH, depending on the BOOST pack you choose).

2. Rehydrate cigars that have seen better days.

Rehydrating cigars with our 2-way humidity control technology is such a simple, effective solution for breathing new life into cigars that have dried out. Simply place a BOOST™ pack in an enclosed container (like a cigar box) with the dry cigars, and the humidity pack will go to work for you, rehydrating your tired cigars by releasing moisture until the air around it reaches optimal humidity. The best part? As with all Integra products, our 2-way humidity control packs were formulated with a commitment to clean—so they emit nothing but pure H2O vapor and won’t alter the taste, smell, or aroma of your cigars.

3. Maintain optimal humidity in a changing environment with 2-way humidity control. 

Every time you open your cigar case or box, you’re creating a shift in the environment and air around your cigars—but properly preserved cigars require consistency above all else. The best thing about our 2-way humidity control packs is that they don’t just get the environment to an ideal humidity level and then stop—they continue working to keep the humidity at that level. Every time there’s even a slight change in humidity levels, the BOOST pack with either release or absorb moisture as needed to maintain a consistent environment for your favorite cigars—ensuring they’re never too dry or too moist to enjoy.